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About Triel-sur-Siene

Triel-sur-Seine is a small town of 11000 inhabitants situated approximately 30 kilometres north-west of Paris on the banks of the River Seine.

Located on an old trade route which ran from the coastal towns of the north-west to Poissy and Paris, Triel was proclaimed a free town in 1221. The ancient church of St Martin in Triel, which dates back to 1240, is renowned for its impressive stained glass windows. Triel also has a small theatre in a recently-restored 18th century building.

The wooded hills behind the town are known as the Bois de L’Hautil and are a popular place for walking. On the crest of these hills is the Chateau de la Tour which was built in 1890 and now houses the Triel Observatory. Opened in 1991 and known as the “Parc aux Etoiles”, the observatory affords an unparalleled view of the universe and is a stargazer’s paradise!

The people of Triel-sur-Seine are known as “les Triellois” and are not only proud of their town, but also extremely hospitable. We hope that you will take advantage of their hospitality and discover Triel for yourself.

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