Friends of Triel

Leatherhead and District Twinning Association

About Twinning

Twinning is a formal connection with a community in another country, its aim us to establish contacts, promote friendship and a better understanding of each other's country, culture, language and national characteristics.

Leatherhead and District was officially twinned in 2004 when the charter was signed by Councillor Bridget Lewis on behalf of Mole Valley Council and by M. Jean-Pierre Houllemare on behalf of Triel-sur-Seine.

In Triel-sur-Siene their twinning association is called Amitié Européenne de Triel-sur-Seine.

The Leatherhead and District Twinning Association is fully supported in its aims and activities by the Mole Valley District Council. We are able to apply for a grant each year which helps to defray costs associated with exchange visits. Individuals, families and groups can join the Twinning Association for a nominal annual subscription, which is our only other source of income.

Local families usually host our twinning visitors and individuals bear the cost of their travel abroad.

There are many ways to benefit from our twinning partnership, whether you are a private individual or family, a member of a club or association, school or community group. don’t worry if your French is a little rusty as we have found that a smile, a few words in French and some sign language goes a long way!

We can help your school, club, group or team link up with similar organisations in Triel-sur-Seine.